BlueSky Teams


Most often used with intact teams, these engagements can occur in a 1-2 day offsite or over a period of months. Connections are created amongst team members, creating opportunity for common experience and sustainable change.  Sessions are customized to meet the needs of each group.

The process begins with interviewing the team leader as well as a selection of team members. Using what is learned in this process, BlueSky will design a program to meet your desired outcomes.

Focus areas may include:  

  • Skills and strategies to improve communication and increase personal effectiveness

  • Bravely navigating through conflict

  • Wholehearted Leadership

  • Exploring and cultivating an environment of trust

  • Raising awareness of self and others: Identifying strengths, similarities and differences of team members through the use of The Birkman Method

  • Strengthening relationships and connections

  • Increasing engagement and commitment

  • Deeper connection to mission and purpose