I loved what Katie and Sarah brought to the workshop - deep knowledge of Dr. Brown’s work and also broad personal and professional experience.
— Tauni, Dare to Lead™ Participant

I came to Dare to Lead at a particularly difficult time in my life. I needed a huge dose of courage and lots of new tools - and boy did I get them! In fact, I feel like a better name for it would be Dare to Receive. The more you are willing to invest your whole heart in this workshop and open up, the more you will learn and gain from Sarah and Katie, from fellow participants, from yourself. It can be life-changing if you let it.

-Malia B., Dare to Lead™ Participant


Of all the trainings I have had here at GoPro, this is the most insightful, useful, and pragmatic training/workshop I have attended.

-Participant, GoPro

“Highly engaging and compelling.”

-Participant at Google

“Did I mention this was a life changing event for me? Thank you both for working with us.  A new awareness of recognizing other peoples' needs has helped me be a better person and leader."

- Linda, GOBHI


I feel like I gained a deeper understanding of myself and what some of my weaknesses were that prevented me from being my best courageous leader-self. That awareness has helped tremendously in my ability to lead better. I was able to put in action what I had learned right away, literally the day I returned to work and walked into a situation where was a conflict among staff and felt calm and confident that I could manage this, be open to hear from each team member, ask the right questions, and come to a solution that helped each of the team members be the best of themselves.

-Blair G., ‘Ekahi Health


"Often training can be something to "get through" to get back to your job. I feel this training gave me tools to be a better team lead, and I wasn't watching the clock!"

- Carolyn, Greater Oregon Behavioral Health, Inc

"This session was powerful and transformational for my team.  A humbling experience that reset our sense of purpose."

- Participant at Menlo School

"Clear and fantastically easy to start using! Engaging and profound! Should be taught to everyone @Twitter, not just Twitter Women." 

- Participant at Twitter

“I attended the Dare to Lead workshop with the hope of fine tuning my leadership skills at work. I not only received valuable tools to use at work, but the same tools can be used in all areas of my life. Katie and Sarah are amazing at not only teaching the skills but are wonderful at facilitating group discussions and helping me feel connected throughout the workshop. I HIGHLY recommend it!”

- Kari E., Non Attorney Advocate, The Arc of Adams County


“Thank you for modeling vulnerability.

-Participant at Google

"I have noticed that the interactions amongst team members are more intentional and positive across the board."

- Jamie, Greater Oregon Behavioral Health, Inc

"Relevant, insightful, and immediately applicable. Loved it." 

- Participant at Twitter


"Having the opportunity to work with the BlueSky Project was incredible and amazing.  I work for an organization that is comprised of leaders whose main goal is to make others feel included.  Through BlueSky Project's work, we were able to see the positivity and vibrancy of each person in our organization, appreciate them, figure out how to support them better, and how to learn from one another.  BlueSky Project's support of our organization has opened positive doors of communication and enabled us to thrive even more!"  

- Air G., Director of Student Programs, Beyond Differences

“Working with BlueSky Project gave me a deeper connection to colleagues I have known for more than five years. I had no idea what I did not know! This shared experience of collaboration and service to the larger community has made our work much stronger as a team.”

- Rebecca, The Branson School

I went I into the workshop with an open mind and a lot of curiosity. I knew it would be great as soon as I sat down and began to speak to the other participants, who were engaging and bright. I loved what Katie and Sarah brought to the workshop - deep knowledge of Dr. Brown’s work but also broad personal and professional experience to enhance the work.

I had been grappling with an insidious stagnation at work and spent much of my time at the workshop trying to re-inspire myself and focus on what I really wanted from work.

Maybe it was coincidence but within 10 days of this event, I was able to secure a great role on the team I had been trying to get into for two years! And, it’s a role which ASKS me to be more of myself instead of the dampened version I had had to project. What a joy. The whole experience was a great reminder of my value, my values and how I want to show up in the world. Thank you, Sarah and Katie!

-Tauni B, Dare to Lead™ Participant