Our Promise to You

We are committed to our clients and our work together. We partner with you to match program design with your needs.  Ongoing communication about progress towards results is embedded in our programs.  You will know and see the tangible impact of our work.

Our time together will be infused with energy, experiences and fun. People will leave feeling motivated, hopeful and prepared to implement what they have learned to move the team and organization to the next level.

our Team

Our passion for our work is palpable.  Woven throughout are our core values of authenticity, purpose, compassion and love.

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katie katie katie

Katie Hemmeter Fredricksen, M.A.

Katie is a Co-Founder of The BlueSky Project and one of the Senior Consultants. She has been working with groups and individuals in culture change, leadership and personal development for over 25 years. Her work revolves around helping organizations to create a sustainable, energized and committed workforce.

Katie is passionate about finding ways to help people improve communication, strengthen relationships, maintain a balanced lifestyle and bring compassion and kindness into their interactions. She brings energy and creativity into her work, preferring an experiential learning environment that's fun, playful, supportive and thought-provoking.

Katie's background includes being a successful business owner and entrepreneur, professional actress, coach, teacher, mentor, wife and mother. Katie lives in Marin County, CA with her husband, Cully.

She is a graduate of Stanford University and holds an MA in Psychology from The California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco. She is certified in The Leadership Circle 360 and The Birkman Method.

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sarah sarah

Sarah Healy, M.A.

As Co-Founder of The BlueSky Project, Sarah's background is in Organizational Development with an emphasis on High Performing Teams.

She holds a masters in Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute and has 20 years of experience in the field of Organizational and Personal Development. Sarah has worked as a trainer in the fields of leadership coaching, organizational change, and project management and she approaches her work in an agile, versatile, empathic and direct way.

Sarah finds great interest in the work of transformation and the grit and discipline that is required to get there. She strongly believes in the freedom and insight that lies on the other side of self/team imposed fears and barriers. Sarah partners with clients to grow awareness and build a set of cutting edge practices that lead to a greater responsiveness to the world of rapidly changing conditions. To do this requires deep listening, levity when needed, and a commitment to the practices of health and well-being that are at the foundation of any team’s success.

Facilitating for her clients is both a privilege and a partnership for Sarah. It is part jazz and part structured cords in that there is room for the unexpected but it is also essential to lay the groundwork for change. When the real conversations begin to happen is when she rolls up her sleeves.

What’s more…she is a single mother of two strong willed and wise daughters. She has an affinity for anything active—especially if it involves music and pushing herself.

Sarah believes that we all want to be more connected, valued and seen. Her past bucket list items include: going on a philanthropic safari in Africa, participating in a Tough Mudder, practicing forgiveness.

“She is a force of nature and aligns herself with truth, introspection, balance, passion, heart, awareness, and joy” --Lain Hensley, CEO Odyssey Teams

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Jennifer Curry Villeneuve, Ph.D.

Jennifer, is a Co-Founder of The BlueSky Project. An experienced research and evaluation professional, she works with leaders to identify and measure impact and social change.

Through direct research, executive coaching or training and facilitation, she focuses on the alignment of mission, values and outcomes to highlight what is working and areas for improvement.

Jennifer's toolkit includes evaluation design and implementation; research (qualitative and quantitative analyses); strategic planning; policy analysis; and program design. Learning and reflection practices are woven throughout her approach with clients; awareness sparks change and improvement, measurement ensures continued progress.

Jennifer lives in Berkeley with her husband, two kids, and Ginger, her lab.

A fourth generation Californian, but raised in Hawaii, Jennifer has four degrees from the University of California: BA, Psychology, UC Santa Barbara; MA, Higher Education and Adult Development, UCLA; MA, Educational Administration and Ph.D., Policy, Organizations, Measurement and Evaluation, UC Berkeley.

Jennifer Curry Villeneuve, Ph.D.

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Amber L. Mayes, MSOD

Amber is an accomplished organizational consultant and executive coach with over 17 years of experience enabling organizations and individuals to learn and grow to their fullest potential. She specializes in diversity & inclusion education and management, leadership team development, and executive coaching. Her passion is creating environments where individuals, teams and organizations can transform and break through to unparalleled performance.

Through experiential consulting, coaching and training models, Amber facilitates the individual awareness and skill development necessary for effective leadership in today's diverse world. Her seminars, coaching and consulting services have been experienced with rave reviews by thousands of leaders in prominent Fortune 100 companies, leading national nonprofits, and universities.

Amber holds an M.S. from the joint program in Organization Development at The American University and NTL Institute and a B.A. in Psychology from Harvard University, where she graduated cum laude. She holds a certificate from the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland’s Being an Effective Organizational Intervener program.

Currently, Amber’s passion is supporting people of color and women leaders in finding their true voices and achieving greater balance, fulfillment and effectiveness in their lives and work. In her work with leaders, Amber authentically shares her personal challenges of navigating the corporate world while holding onto her authentic leadership style as a biracial woman. This is connected to her strong belief that effective leadership requires the ability to connect with empathy and common experience.

Amber L. Mayes, MSOD

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Kehaulani Aspen

As a Leadership Development Consultant and Executive Coach, Kehaulani has stayed true to her belief that leadership is a lifelong endeavor that requires holistic alignment of the mind, body, and heart.

For 25 years, Kehaulani has approached her work with groups and individuals with the appreciation and diligence that sound leadership is a moment-to-moment choice of aligning intention, purpose, and action into an intelligent and passionate momentum that produces sustainable results, and wholeheartedly believes that leadership is a state of being available to anyone regardless of title, tenure, or position.

Over the years, Kehaulani has partnered with many clients to develop and deliver poignant training programs and one-on-one developmental coaching. Specializing in organizational culture, leading in complexity, and leadership presence, Kehaulani has worked with many organizations within the U.S. and abroad. Known for her ability to put people at ease, she is able to support others in bringing the best of themselves into their work, families, and communities.

Incorporating a unique blend of skill sets, which include various practices from martial arts and somatic psychology, Kehaulani’s passion and approach reach beyond the cognitive layer and rests deeply in leadership that is embodied, grounded, and vibrant.

Kehaulani is currently completing her M.A. in psychology and will finish her culminating work in May 2017 from Sonoma State University. She holds a 1st degree black belt in the Japanese martial art, Aikido. She also holds a 1st degree black belt in Advanced Response Training – a personal protection combative art.

Kehaulani Aspen

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Sara Whiteford & Mary Barber

Identical twins Mary Corpening Barber and Sara Corpening Whiteford are the owners of Thymes Two, Inc., a San Francisco based food consulting and cookbook authoring partnership. Thymes Two was originally founded as a home for their San Francisco catering business, and has since evolved to include recipe development and culinary consulting.

North Carolina natives, Mary and Sara have been cooking together since they were five years old. Their passion for food led them to Peter Kump’s Culinary School in New York (now called The Institute of Culinary Education), followed by stints at La Varenne in Joigny, France, and in 4-star restaurant kitchens. Mary and Sara have (individually) worked in some of the nation’s most celebrated restaurants, including New York’s Montrachet, The Quilted Giraffe, Tribecca Grill, March, and San Francisco’s Aqua.

Mary and Sara’s culinary talents and sense of humor have been showcased on NBC’s Today Show, Live with Regis, San Francisco’s Bay Café, Napa Style with Michael Chiarello, and the Food Network’s Cooking Live Primetime with Sara Moulton. Their business has also extended to include a satellite television tour for Williams-Sonoma, and positioning as spokeswomen for Hellman’s, Best Foods, and Circulon Cookware in television, radio, and print campaigns.

Mary and Sara are co-authors of 8 cookbooks (Smoothies, Wraps, Simplify Entertaining, Cocktail Food, Super Smoothies, Skewer it! Bride & Groom’s First and Forever Cookbook, and Super-Charged Smoothies.

They have authored numerous articles and recipes for a wide variety of publications, including Bon Appetit, Food and Wine, American Home Style, Fine Cooking, Cooking Light, Victoria, and Health magazines. The girls have lent their culinary skills to the classroom, conducting cooking and catering demonstrations at many cooking schools and gourmet food shops throughout the Bay Area.

Most recently, Mary and Sara have been developing heart healthy recipes for Dr. Dean Ornish. Mary and Sara have also styled the food for photographs of the heart healthy cuisine. They help to develop the content for videos and are camera ready! To date, they have been featured in 18 cooking videos for the Ornish program. They also have recently completed a chapter in Dr. Bob Arnot’s most recent book with Harper Collins, The Coffee Lover’s Diet which was released in June 2017.

For more info, check out their website at www.maryandsara.com. For more info on their most current work, check out Instagram @maryandsara

Sara Whiteford & Mary Barber

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