Women Rising Retreat


YOU ....

  • Is your to do list taking over your soul list?
  • Are you last on the list of people to take care of?  Wait.....are you even on the list???!!
  • Are you at a crossroads in your life?
  • Are you missing the authenticity of a personal connection before we had email, cell phones and text messaging?
  • Are you just....ready?  Ready to make a shift. Ready to put yourself first. Ready to put aside what's holding you back? 

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The routine of life can wear us down. Feeling stuck, or not good enough, is more common among women than you think. Additionally, as women we often feel the pressure to 'be it all'.  Many of us believe that we should be professionally successful, be strong but vulnerable, be approved of by others, be available to our friends, families and significant others, and on and on and on.... And for some of us, after years of striving and pleasing and adapting, we begin to wonder if there is something more. The questions start to arise.

What if...?
What else...?
What's possible...?
What do I want...?

If these are familiar questions, then the Women Rising Retreat is for you! Whether you are at a transitional point in your life, looking for inspiration and motivation, or determined to bring your health, relationships, or business success to new levels, we have you covered.

We are the only species on earth capable of preventingo our own flowering. (2).png


... what it would be like to press pause and really devote the time to realigning with what’s important to you.

... putting down your to do list so you can have meaningful conversations with strong, capable, like-minded women who are ready to RISE UP together.

... being nourished from the inside out; mind, body and spirit.

On this retreat you will immerse yourself in beautiful new surroundings, unplug and connect with other women in an honest, compassionate way. You deserve the time and space to reflect, renew and reconnect so you can return to your life with a clear mind and an open heart.


In this dynamic and interactive retreat, our focus is on you.  To ensure each participant has a deeply transformative experience, we have a team of incredible women who will guide you in areas that will support you on your journey as you RISE UP.

Our goal is to ensure that each participant feels supported and taken care of throughout our program. At this retreat you will experience the following:

  • Daily opportunities to connect with the group and individuals
  • Time off each afternoon to rest, reflect and renew
  • Healthy and delicious meals
  • A beautiful setting to relax and reconnect with yourself

You will leave feeling nourished, well-rested, clear, rejuvenated, and connectedThis connection will strengthen your internal sense of power, not only to yourself, but to the world.



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"What a beautiful guidance back to my authentic, whole, free self." Jennifer, Berkeley

"Out of this world experience." Courtney, Dallas

"I would circle 10 if it was available.  Love abounds. Really and truly brilliant." Susan, Atlanta

"This program will touch women from all walks of life.  Whether she comes with a fresh new lens or has decades of experience in self-exploration, each and every woman will emerge transformed.  Sarah and Katie are immensely gifted leaders.  They have curated a sequence of experiences that safely invite the participant to dig deep, find the subtle cracks and deep crevasses, and fill them in with love and healing." Meno, Petaluma

"Amazing. Incredible. Truly. Perfect." Karen, San Francisco

"It was like a smorgasbord of learning.  Here I thought my main challenge was too much hustle and "WHAM" all these other things bubbled up. The learning and self discovery was powerful." Kassin, San Francisco

"In this time when the feminine is reclaiming her power these spaces are so vitally important. I highly recommend attending Women Rising. It is bound to be a pinnacle moment of your life." Amber, Oakland

"The most valuable element was that I "felt" that I was enough, worth of love and did not have to over perform to be accepted." Jeanne, Hood River

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Facilitators from Past WOMEN RISING Retreats

Sarah Healy is a co-founder of Women Rising Retreat and the BlueSky Project. A self declared recovering perfectionist, Sarah’s journey began at 16 years of age when she was held as able by a handful of wise women, and she’s had the bug ever since. Sarah believes that there is a call to women to RISE UP happening now that starts at the global level and reaches all the way to our small communities. Sarah is committed to inquiry and self-development and brings levity and a warm presence to any gathering. A mother to two strong-willed daughters, Sarah is committed to leaving this world a better place for the up and coming women. 

Katie_F_003 - max med.jpg

Katie Fredricksen is a co-founder of the Women Rising Retreat and the BlueSky Project. She is a possibility thinker and a glass half-full kind of person.  She is a lover of adventure, travel, and exploration. Katie has a deep passion for working with women and witnessing their rising, as she personally has experienced what it feels like to move from living small to embracing her power. She is thrilled to have the opportunity to create an environment where women can truly come alive in all of the messy, exciting, and complicated ways that we do.


Sara Whiteford and Mary Barber are identical twin sisters who believe that consciousness around food choices help us to heal our guts and lead us to greater vitality, mental clarity, and overall better health.  These twins will make you feel like a million bucks in more ways than one. They are joyful, hilarious, optimistic, kind and they speak in stereo.  It's like nothing you have ever experienced and they will leave you wanting more!


Kehaulani Aspen is a soulful practitioner who works with clients in developing embodied presence to face and effectively navigate the challenges of life and work. Utilizing somatic and depth methodologies, Kehaulani brings a unique blend of skill sets that also include various practices from martial arts. Her passion and approach reach beyond the cognitive layer and rests deeply in an embodied, grounded, and vibrant style. She holds a 1st degree black belt in the Japanese martial art, Aikido, as well as a 1st degree black belt in Advanced Response Training – a personal protection combative art. Her new favorite movie is Wonder Woman (which we think is quite appropriate for her!)


Amber Mayes is a warrior. She is a special soul.  Her heart reaches so deep and far and wide that she really has the capacity to feel, grasp and hold the complexities and intricacies of the heart of the world.  She holds, witnesses and nurtures you with gentle unconditional, non-judgmental kindness, starting exactly where you are.  She is a skilled facilitator who helps women create empowering stories.


Anna Wilson is passionate about sharing her appreciation for our greatest gift, the human body.  She is a speaker and a health educator who received her training from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and works to inspire individuals to improve their relationship with their body as a means to reaching all their goals. She believes we develop an appreciation for our body, it gives us access to power that directly effects all areas of our lives, from our health to our relationships.  She is sincere, committed and wears her big beautiful heart on her sleeve.



Upcoming Retreats & Offerings

Women Rising Retreat: November 8-11, 2018, EarthRise Retreat Center, Petaluma, CA

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Past Retreats

Women Rising Retreat:  September 14-17, 2017  EarthRise Retreat Center, Petaluma, CA


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