What Past Participants are saying....

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"This program will touch women from all walks of life.  Whether she comes with a fresh new lens or has decades of experience in self-exploration, each and every woman will emerge transformed.  Sarah and Katie are immensely gifted leaders.  They have curated a sequence of experiences that safely invite the participant to dig deep, find the subtle cracks and deep crevasses, and fill them in with love and healing.  Sarah and Katie navigate the energy of the group and pace the program accordingly.  Every participant felt deeply moved by the connections they made and by the growth they experienced through each unique offering.  We each walked away from the final session knowing a major shift had occurred, and have all been unbelievably pumped up ever since.  Women are rising in a big way all across the world.  If this program crosses your path, do yourself a tremendous life-altering favor and sign up." Meno

"The Women Rising Retreat was exactly what I needed, in the moment I needed it! Experiencing the strength and connection to powerful, intelligent, and vulnerable women, who support each other without hesitation, gave me the ability to breathe deeply and rejuvenate. I was blown away by the deep sense of authentic care I felt from and for the women in this retreat. Not only did I gain the momentum to rise up, but also gained real tools that I can incorporate into my everyday life. Real women!! Real life!! No b.s!! It's the real deal!!"  Kehau

"What I experienced with this group was the value of being seen and heard by my fellow women - "Witnessed".  I experienced a deep bond develop in a very short time, where I felt safe to share the truth of where I was, but also held in a way that I knew, they knew 'I could handle anything'.  We were instructed to listen to each other with the thought in mind "she's got this" and it was powerful.  I leave the program feeling more grounded, understood and like I have sisters to call on if I need them. I feel more confident in my work and my relationships and more deeply connected, not only to these women, but to myself!"  Anna

"Sarah and Katie’s retreat was “off-the-hook” transformational and fortifying beyond words. My life feels intrinsically richer as a result. You can’t put a price tag on the experience!" Sara

 "Women Rising was a true gift, a unique opportunity to learn and grow alongside wonderful women and gifted facilitators. Not only enlightening, it was FUN, UPLIFTING and EMPOWERING! I feel like a 50 pound sac of self-limiting debris has been lifted off my back from all the transformational work. Feeling poised to tackle life’s challenges with new found strength and renewed vision, I send a heartfelt thanks to  Katie and Sarah, for this once in a lifetime experience." Mary

"The Women Rising Retreat is a loving, nurturing experience where women are able to stretch, grow and transform with ease and grace. The space created by the facilitators and participants is a sacred one allowing each woman to truly and authentically show up, be seen and loved. I personally have been deeply touched by the program and reminded of what a group of special women can create. In this time when the feminine is reclaiming her power these spaces are so vitally important. I highly recommend attending Women Rising. It is bound to be a pinnacle moment of your life." Amber


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