Is our Organizational Work Right For You?


We are committed to helping our clients access what is deepest and best in themselves and will work with you to design the right program that can deliver the results you are looking for. Whether you are faced with disengaged employees, high turnover, burnout, strained relationships between co-workers or departments, or are simply seeking to make a good team great - we can help!

Our facilitators bring agility, humor and dedication to their work, and invite you to explore what is possible when individuals are at their best.

With decades of experience, BlueSky Project associates have worked with people and organizations all over the country spanning a variety of industries including manufacturing, healthcare, technology, pharmaceutical, education, non-profits and more.  While each organization has it's unique culture and complexities, we recognize the universal challenges and opportunities when working as a team. 

Working with BlueSky Project means accepting the invitation to engage; to learn, apply, and reinforce the habits that build high performing teams. 


BlueSky Offerings

From overwhelm and stress to Health and Vitality

Effective Communication


building a collaborative team


Outcomes of Our Work Together

  • Increased commitment and engagement
  • New skills and behaviors for optimal well-being and improved productivity
  • Stronger relationships and connections
  • Enhanced ability to manage stress
  • Increased connection to purpose and mission
  • Reduced burnout and overwhelm
  • Awareness of energy sources and tools and skills to renew
  • Increased levels of trust among participants

What our clients are saying:

"Having the opportunity to work with the BlueSky Project was incredible and amazing.  I work for an organization that is comprised of leaders whose main goal is to make others feel included.  Through BlueSky Project's work, we were able to see the positivity and vibrancy of each person in our organization, appreciate them, figure out how to support them better, and how to learn from one another.  BlueSky Project's support of our organization has opened positive doors of communication and enabled us to thrive even more!"  Air G., San Rafael, CA